Janet Napolitano: Using Common Sense is Not Good Logic

Two days ago Janet Napolitano was answering questions at a press conference. There was a question asking her if there should be more common sense used in screening of airplane passengers. That maybe just maybe we should try and focus on Muslim men under 35... for instance.
I know what your thinking... that's racist... OK maybe you weren't thinking that, but she was. She sees this much different than most normal thinking people. She believes it is more likely that we will some how catch a terrorist easier if we watch their travel patterns... that a Muslim man under 35 has no real, "look" to him. You will notice that most of us are not even asking for Muslim women under 35 to be looked at, so it can't be racist. You see there is a certain number of people out there who think they know better than you and I, and that we should just sit down and shut up, and that our common sense solutions to major global problems are too simple and would never work. If she was so sure of that, she would not have said um or uh 31 times in the one minute and 27 seconds.


Debbie is at it again!

Every time I turn around is seems like Debbie Wassermann-Schultz is stepping in it again. Amazingly enough they still allow her to get in front of microphones all the time...


Glenn Beck Launches GBTV

Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Want Tony Weiner to Resign

Speaking for himself only today, Rush goes on a 10 minute rant on Anthony Weiner and his current predicament. And surprisingly enough he says that he would like to see Anthony not resign. He says amongst other things that he likes the idea of Weiner being in congress because while in office he remains one of the main faces of the Democrat party, and helps to drag it down. I have never found myself disagreeing with Rush, and I won't start now. Frankly, he does make a lot of sense. He asserts the hypocritical way he backs causes, and votes, that policy wise he is despicable.
He voted NO on restricting interstate transport of minors for abortions 4/2005 NO on banning partial birth abortions except to save the mothers life 10/2003 He voted YES on 192 Billion dollars additional stimulus spending...
Mr. Limbaugh makes a fine point and I for one may be beginning to back this cause... ENJOY!

Consider Yourself Busted!

In today's episode:
 -- Unemployment rises
 -- House rebukes Obama on Libya
 -- Dr. Kervorkian dead
 -- German e coli from cucumbers?
 -- Blago: I wanted to be Senator to find Bin Laden
 -- Obama, Boehner to golf together
 -- 'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot to anchor CBS News show
 -- NJ barber bites off customer's ear

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Nancy Skinner Drunk on Kool Aid

This Exchange on Fox is very interesting. Even though Nancy Skinner appears to be under the influence of a substance, I would personally like to look past that. Because frankly I don't know that it makes a difference. The interesting part here is that it seems most Democrats are going to speak as though all of our lives are better now than they were in 2009. I ask you that question now, would you say that you are better off now than 3 years ago? I won't answer for myself, I'll await your comments on it. Now to the story at hand.
It does seem to me that Nancy has, at the very least, been imbibing a little bit. Whether she is high or drunk or whatever, she absolutely has a problem with being able to get a sentence out. To me it sounds a little like she drank a bit too much Kool Aid, but I'll let you be the judge... Enjoy!


Breitbart Does the Right Thing

Forgive me but I must smile seeing what has happened to Anthony over the last few days...but...well he dug his own grave.

Weiner: 'I haven't told the truth'

Speaking to the press assembled at a Sheraton Hotel in New York City, Anthony Weiner admitted he did send the notorious crotch photo to a Seattle coed Published by Andrew Breitbart on BigGovernment.com.  "I haven't told the truth," he averred.
"I deeply regret what I have done and I am not resigning. I have made it clear I am accepting responsibility for this."
However, the Congressman, now exposed as a liar, refuses to resign. Asked by the press if he apologizes to Breitbart, he spoke of apologizing to his wife in particular and to others, but omitted naming Breitbart, who was accused of Weiner's allies of fabricating a hoax.  Prior to Weiner speaking, Andrew Breitbart took the podium in the hotel ballroom, and demanded an apology. Consequently, the reporters pressed Weiner on whether he apologized to Breitbart specifically. After 2 evasions about apologizing to "everybody," he finally uttered the magic words, "I apologize to Andrew Breitbart."

He admitted to exchanging photos of an explicit nature with about 6 women, including after his marriage. 
Clearly the lying Congressman hopes to continue his political career.  Will the Democrats want liar to serve as their attack dog?
The liberal media will now maintain the scandal is over and hope it goes away.

Wasserman Schultz watch

Yes Folks she's at it again... ALREADY!
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